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What is Bio-Cellulose?

Bio-Cellulose is currently the most advanced technology for facial sheet masks. So, what exactly is it?

Bio-Cellulose masks are made from extremely thin and delicate natural fibres. Aside from being 100% natural, they are also environmentally-friendly due to the fact that they are bio-degradable. In fact, Bio-Cellulose is an extraordinarily pure sheet type and 100% toxin free (unlike many sheet masks that have been bleached).

Bio-Cellulose natural fibres have 100 times the absorption of any non-woven sheet mask. This means the Bio-Cellulose sheets can hold more of the mask’s ingredients and deliver more hydration to your skin!

The sheets are about 500 times finer than spunlace sheets (such as cotton and silk sheets) and are over 1,000 times finer than your general pulp sheet. This allows Bio-Cellulose masks to have greater performance in moisture retention and nutrient delivery deep into the dermis. Unlike other sheet types, this sheet type allows your precious skin care ingredients to last the longest possible time without evaporating quickly – meaning you are getting the most out of your mask!

There are different qualities in Bio-Cellulose masks as well, depending on their processes and the thinness of their materials. At LUIERE we use the best quality Bio-Cellulose. The sheet is extremely soft and thin, allowing it to sit on the face perfectly like a “second skin” – meaning you can walk around and move-about without worrying the mask will slip off!

Shop now for our high quality and advanced Bio-Cellulose masks here - free from nasties, with not only the most advanced sheet type, but also the highest quality ingredients for your skin!

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