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All of your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!
Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else you would like to ask us.

How long do I leave the mask on for?

We recommend anywhere between 15-30 minutes, depending on your skin. It is best to allow your skin to absorb the serum, but don’t leave the mask on so long that it dries up! When in doubt, go with 15 minutes!

 Do I need to remove the nets?

Yes absolutely! There are two protective nets on the mask (one net on each side of the mask). This is because we use the best quality sheet mask type available (Bio-Cellulose) which is very delicate and thin. The protective nets help you unfold the mask easily. We recommend removing the net from one side first, then placing that side on your face, then removing the second net from the outside of the mask.
Click here to watch a demo video!

 Do I need to wash the serum off?

There’s no need! That’s the good stuff! The serum is filled with hydrating and nourishing ingredients that are going to continue to work wonders on your skin. This mask does not require you to wash it off, unlike other types of masks.

Do I follow with moisturiser?

We highly recommend you finish with a good moisturiser after masking. This will help seal in the goodness from the mask!

 Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we do! Shipping starts from just $5 (AUD) for one mask order, or $10 flat rate for any other order.

 Are these products cruelty-free?

All LUIERE products are cruelty-free. LUIERE products are not tested on animals, we do not use animal-derived ingredients and our masks are also environmentally-friendly!

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping within Australia, and overseas shipping starts from $5. Please see our shipping page for more information. 

How often should I use the masks?

We recommend masking consistently 1-2 times a week, depending on your skin’s needs. After masking for a while you may find you can mask less as your skin will become plumper, glowing and stronger over time. We recommend using the mask every day or every second day for one week before a special event, such as a wedding or special date! This will allow your skin to have that “post-facial glow” and calm, hydrate and nourish your skin before that special event.

Which mask is more suitable for my skin type?

We recommend using the Repair Mask if you have dry, dehydrated, dull, acne-prone, sensitive or irritated skin since this mask is very hydrating, calming, and soothing. It will help hydrate, nourish and repair the skin. We recommend the Anti-Ageing Mask if you are 30 or over and have concerns about fine lines and wrinkles. This mask works wonders to smooth out fine lines and prevent signs of ageing.