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Top 8 mistakes when using facial sheet masks

Mistake #1: Not cleansing your face before masking

Your face may look clean but it could have a build-up of oil, dirt, bacteria and even traces of make up on your skin. Using a mask without cleansing means you may be trapping these elements in your skin, potentially causing clogging and stopping your skin from being able to easily absorb all the nourishing benefits of the mask.

What to do instead: Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser before use and pat dry before masking.


Mistake #2: Not having clean hands

Your hands come into contact with many types of oil, dirt and bacteria throughout the day, whether it may be from your mobile phone, door handles or your keyboard. The average keyboard has around 400 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl! This is why it is so important not to touch your face with dirty hands as it can lead to acne.

Although your face may be cleansed, it is important your hands are also clean when applying the mask as you do not want to transfer oils and bacteria from your hands to your face whilst putting the mask on.

What to do instead: Make sure your hands are clean when you are putting on the mask.

That includes resisting your phone until your mask is on!


Mistake #3: Not exfoliating your face

Your skincare routine should include exfoliating once a week with a gentle exfoliator. This helps remove the build-up of dead skin cells and dirt on your skin which can clog pores, cause acne and hinder your skin’s ability to properly absorb the mask serum and its benefits.

What to do instead: Exfoliate once a week. We particularly recommend exfoliating before applying your mask so your skin is at its optimal condition to absorb all the goodness from the mask!


Mistake #4: Not removing protective nets from your mask

LUIERE sheet masks are made from the most advanced bio-degradable bio-cellulose technology. This means the masks are extremely soft and smooth (like a ‘second-skin’). Therefore, our masks have two nets, one on each side, to make it easier to unfold the mask (helping your mask hold structure). It is important to remove both protective nets when using the mask so that you are receiving the benefits from the bio-cellulose sheet and avoid skin irritation from the net.

What to do instead: Unfold the mask, take off one side’s net and place that side on your face. Then, once the mask is on your face, remove the second net from the outside. You may throw away both protective nets.


Mistake #5: Leaving the mask on too long

We recommend leaving LUIERE face masks on for 15-30 minutes, depending on the hydration levels of one’s skin. Once your skin has absorbed all of the serum, the mask can start to dry up. You would not want to leave it any longer as the mask can reabsorb the moisture it has given.

What to do instead: Leave your mask on within the recommended timeframe and experiment to see what your skin needs. Perhaps 25 minutes is the ideal time for you, but if you have not been masking for a while and your skin is extra dehydrated your skin may absorb the serum from the mask faster and may only need around 15-20 minutes for the ideal duration.


Mistake #6: Not using a moisturiser after masking

After disposing the face mask, many forget to follow up with a moisturiser. Although the mask leaves your face extremely hydrated and supple, it is important to follow up with a moisturiser. This is because the serum from the mask is very light, and if you follow the mask with your moisturiser you will help seal in the mask serum, allowing for the moisture retention to last longer!

What to do instead: After removing the mask, rub in the mask’s serum (with clean hands) and follow up with your normal moisturiser (a light moisturiser will do the trick).


Mistake #7: Washing your face after masking

This is a big no-no! There are many mask types such as clay masks that do require a rinse off as they can dry up the skin or cause irritation if left on. However, once you have removed LUIERE face masks, the serum is to be left on! The serum is full of goodness that is designed to be left on and will not irritate your skin. Instead, it continues to work on your skin even after the masking process.

What to do instead: Rub in the serum after masking instead of washing it off.


Mistake #8: Not using face masks consistently

Consistency is key when it comes to masking. Some people like to use face masks for special occasions and it will improve your skin after that one use. However, if you use face masks consistently, you will be able to keep the results without going back to your original issues such as dull and dehydrated skin. In fact, using your mask regularly will improve your skin over time allowing for healthy, glowing and stronger skin.

What to do instead: We recommend consistently masking 1-2 times a week depending on your skin’s needs. We recommend masking every day or second day for a week before special events such as a wedding.

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