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What happens to your skin when you are flying in a plane?

Our skin is typically comfortable when the humidity levels are between 40-70%. However, when we travel by plane, in most cases the humidity is around 20%. This is less than half of what our skin is used to...

What is Bio-Cellulose? The most advanced mask type explained!

Bio-Cellulose masks are made from extremely thin and delicate natural fibres. Aside from being 100% natural, they are also environmentally-friendly due to the fact that they are bio-degradable. In fact, Bio-Cellulose is an extraordinarily pure sheet type and 100% toxin free (unlike many sheet masks that have been bleached).

Ruby McCoach reviews the Repair mask!

Ruby McCoach reviews and does a demo our LUIERE Repair mask!

Ruby comments, "I feel like you can tell that your skin has really absorbed all the product and it is giving you that hydration from within rather than just sitting on the skin".

Honest LUIERE review & demo

Beauty Youtuber Monique tries LUIERE masks for the first time...

Heidi Hamoud demonstrates how to use LUIERE masks

Heidi Hamoud is a greatly adored and talented Australian make up artist and influencer. In this video, she demonstrates how to use LUIERE...

CindyLouBindi reviews the Anti-Ageing mask

CindyLouBindi reviews the LUIERE Anti-Ageing mask to see she can see any instant results from just one use...

Adorable couple reviews LUIERE masks together

Husband and wife try for the first time and review LUIERE Anti-Ageing and Repair mask! 
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