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Oily skin: Fact or fiction? Top 5 oily skin myths busted!

Advanced skin care professionals often warn against these top mistakes that could be making your skin worse. Make sure you are not falling for any of these oily skin care myths!

Blotting paper - is it good for oily skin?

Myth 1: Blotting paper will help with oily skin

It can be incredibly satisfying to blot away your excess surface oils, especially removing those oils causing unwanted shine on your make up. However, sadly blotting papers are only helpful for removing oils in the short term. You will come to notice the more you use blotting papers the more you will need them! Why is that? Because your skin is being tricked into thinking there’s not enough oil on your skin and produces even more oil. Now that’s a scary thought. 

Myth 2: Drying, harsh or alcohol-based skin care products will help my oily skin

We all want a cleanser, toner, moisturiser or mask that is going to solve our oily skin problems. However, the biggest misconception is that you need drying, harsh or alcohol-based skin care products to do so. The reality is that these products will dry up your skin and your skin could feel amazingly oil free after that mask or cleanse, etc. In reality, your skin is being stripped of its much-needed natural oils and nutrients and the skin once again starts to produce even more oil in order to supplement what had been lost. Harsh and drying skincare also tends to lead to weaker skin, with broken barriers, causing the skin to become more prone to irritation, redness and breakouts.  Instead, use gentle products that are PH balanced to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, without causing more oils.

Myth 3: I don’t need to exfoliate because I don’t have dry skin

Everyone builds up impurities, dirt, and dead skin cells over time, no matter what skin type. It is important to exfoliate at least once or twice a week to remove these impurities that can clog your skin and better allow your skin to absorb your quality skin care. Avoiding exfoliation can lead to clogging of skin, acne and build-up of dead skin cells, while over exfoliating can cause irritated and oilier skin thanks to the over stimulation of your sebaceous glands. Remember the golden rule: Use a gentle exfoliate to exfoliate once or twice a week!

Myth 4: Skip your moisturiser if you have oily skin

It makes sense to think you wouldn’t need to add moisture when your skin is already oily, but in reality, this could not be further from the truth! All skin types need to use moisturiser and keep hydrated. Once again, if you skip your moisturiser, in the long term you may find your skin is even oilier than what it used to be. Keeping your skin well hydrated will trick your skin into producing less oil, so if you use a deep hydrating moisturiser you may find your skin will be less oily in the long run! Avoid using heavy thick moisturisers that can clog your skin, but look for lighter skincare with high moisture retention ingredients for lasting deep hydration. Consider using layering techniques to build moisture without applying heavy slabs of cream to your face! LUIERE face masks provide deep hydration without heavy or clogging ingredients – we use nourishing and hydrating ingredients, such as our special ingredient that holds 2,000 times its weight in water

Myth 5: Wearing sunscreen will make oily skin worse

Sunscreen should be your best friend. Although some sunscreen can be thick and oily, there are so many formulas out there now that are light and won’t clog your skin, so there is no excuse to be avoiding sunscreen! Not using sunscreen can lead to skin damage, pigmentation and signs of ageing!

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