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How to get the most out of your mask

LUIERE bio-cellulose masks are free from nasties and filled with goodness for your skin.  Here are some useful tips to get the absolute most out of your mask!

Tip 1.  Scrub face

After cleansing your face, use a gentle scrub to exfoliate all the dead skin cells on your skin’s surface (whether they are visible or not, you are likely to have dead skin cells on your skin’s surface). Removing dead skin cells will allow your skin to absorb all the goodness from the masks.

Tip 2. Rub extra essence before applying the mask

Rub some of the mask essence on your dry, cleansed and exfoliated face before placing the mask on your face. This allows for your skin to absorb the absolute maximum essence from the mask.  When applying the mask, remove the protective net from one side and place that side on your face, then remove the other protective net and gently rub the mask into your face. NOTE: If you don’t remove BOTH protective nets, wearing the mask will be uncomfortable and less effective.

Tip 3. Leave mask on long enough to absorb, but not long enough to dry out!

Depending on how dehydrated your skin is, it may absorb the essence from the mask at different rates. We recommend at least 20-25 minutes to get enough time for your face to extract the most from the mask. If you feel the mask starting to dry up, it is time to take the mask off. If you leave the mask on too long it can actually start to draw the moisture out instead. We recommend using the mask no longer than 35 minutes, depending on your skin type. 

Tip 4.  Follow your mask with your moisturiser to seal all the goodness in

Once you have finished using your mask, dispose of the mask and rub the left-over essence into your face. Follow this step by using your preferred moisturiser to seal in the goodness from the mask.  

Tip 5. Use your mask at night before bed

Your skin absorbs active ingredients better at night compared with during the day. As you sleep overnight, your pores will absorb the goodness from your mask more effectively than masking during the day. You will notice longer term effects from night masking, and glowing skin in the mornings! 

Tip 6. Keep the leftover essence from the mask for the rest of the week

LUIERE has jam packed your mask packet full of our amazing essence. Keep the essence to use throughout the week! Some people like to pour it into a container or jar, or you can just use it out of the packet. This essence can be used after cleansing before your moisturiser.

Tip 7. Mask once a week

We recommend using LUIERE masks once a week to maintain good skin health and prevent aging and skin damage. Consistent mask usage every week will keep your skin glowing and you will notice your skin texture and problems improve over time. In many cases, sensitive or damaged skin will no longer be an issue due to the gradual increase in skin health and strength. We also recommend using the mask every day (or every second day) for a week before a special event such as a wedding or special date!

So go on, get the most out of your mask – your skin will thank you for it!

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