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Facial Sheet Mask Types

Facial masks are becoming increasingly popular in skin care routines. However, there are so many types of masks out there! How do I know which mask type is good? Here is our guide:

Artificial silk or pulp sheets (general sheets): These materials tend to be used for your cheapest mask options. They generally obtain enough essence to transfer to the skin, but they evaporate quickly with low moisture retention. In addition, these cheap masks often do not fit on the skin well. Finally, as the materials are not natural, they also tend to be harsher on the skin.

Cotton sheets: Cotton sheets can be used from lower end to upper medium pricing and branded masks. They hold the essence well and transfer enough to the skin to make an impact, however they are less comfortable and do not retain moisture as well, evaporating quickly.

Silk sheets: Silk masks tend to be affordable and due to the fine materials they also tend to be gentler on the skin. Silk masks also tend to fit on the skin better than cotton or general sheets. However, like the previous two materials, they have the weakness of poor moisture retention and rapid evaporation of the essence.

Hydrogel sheets: Hydrogel is a significant step up from the cotton, silk and general sheet masks above. The material is gentler on the skin than the previous mentioned materials and it traps moisture more effectively due to the slower evaporation rate of Hydrogel masks. However, the material is thick and slippery which may be uncomfortable to wear compared with the premium type of mask below.

Bio-Cellulose sheets: Bio-Cellulose masks are made from natural materials, usually from coconuts. They are environmentally-friendly due to the fact that they are bio-degradable. Bio-Cellulose natural fibres have 100 times the absorption of any non-woven sheet mask, about 500 times finer than spunlace sheets (such as cotton and silk sheets) and are over 1,000 times finer than your general pulp sheet, allowing for greater moisture retention and nutrient delivery. Bio-Cellulose materials are usually used in the highest-end skin care products due to the advanced features and quality difference. They are also very comfortable to wear as the material is not too thick, tending to sink and adapt to the face shape, allowing for easy wear. The material does not feel overly cold, wet, slippery or slimy like the above masks, but is rather gentle, soothing and relaxing, as you would expect in the very best of masks.

LUIERE only uses the best type of material for its facial masks – Bio-Cellulose sheets – for greatest comfort, gentleness, moisture retention, nutrient delivery, facial coverage and environmental responsibility.

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