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Bellabox members' feedback

LUIERE was featured in the Bellabox February campaign. At LUIERE, we love hearing our customers' feedback. That is why we are so excited to have received and to share the members' feedback of the LUIERE masks below!

    Members' feedback:

    • I love the gel like feel of the mask and the moistness of it.
    • Beautiful feel & fragrance.
    • I usually don't see much of a difference with face masks, so I was surprised when I saw just how improved my skin texture was after 1 use. Definitely looking for this next time my skin really needs a pick me up.
    • I love the gel like feel of the mask and the moistness of it
    • It felt good on my skin and skin felt smooth after taking the mask off
    • It made my skin feel great
    • I really like the results of this product
    • So moisturing and nourshing.
    • How it made my skin feel
    • Relaxing
    • It's a massive whack of gorgeous luxury in a tiny packet. My face has never felt so nourished and amazing before.
    • Very effective
    • Actually worked
    • Errr hello....where you been hiding girl???? The moment I opened this lil puppy I was overcome by the ingenuity and pleasurable scent!!!! The mask was super simple to use, so soft and not dripping excessively so I didn’t have to sit in my bathroom for the duration. The after math was most apeasing, I felt instant results once the mask was taken off. It is definitely a real winner and would like a whole bathroom cupboard full!!!!
    • How moisturising it is
    • It smelt amazing, and made my skin soft which is great
    • Skin felt wonderful
    • It was so unique to other masks I've tried
    • It has made me love sheet masks
    • I love the way this product felt on my face as well as the promising results! I also was really interested in the gorgeous packaging.
    • My skin is glowing
    • You can feel it soothing
    • The mask is a bomb hydrator. My skin felt super plumped after applying this. And it has a lot of essence that give you maximum benefit.
    • The packing is more luxurious than other sheet masks
    • Great hydration
    • It was very nourishing. Saw effects straight away
    • How it is suitable for all skin types!
    • Well I gave the anti-aging one to my mum, she says it feels really good on the face and makes a difference
    • Everything! Smelt nice, left my face feeling nice and clean
    • Easy to use
    • It was so packed with product
    • The feel after the use of the product
    • It was so diluted with solution and felt so nice on the skin... I rubbed the excess off into my skin and it looked supple through out the day.
    • Soothing and noticeably hydration after use
    • I love these types of skin masks because they are nice and cool applying to the skin and very hydrating
    • The feel of the mask is nice
    • The quality packaging.
    • Makes your skin feel super smooth and hydrated
    • I LOVE face masks so I love this
    • The way it makes my skin feel and the ease of use with the mask
    • Face feels refreshed and cleansed after use
    • It was so relaxing and luxurious
    • Beautiful, packed with moisture and made my skin feel so soft and plump for days after.
    • It did make my skin feel brighter and tighter but it is one that needs to be regularly used
    • Have not yet tried it out am waiting for a special occasion because it looks too pretty. My sis said hers was amazing though
    • The mask was amazing, it stayed in place and my skin felt so soft after using it
    • Made my skin feel amazing
    • It’s easy to use, and my skin felt moisturised after using it
    • It made me feel refreshed and made my skin feel tighter and bouncy
    • My skin felt rejuvenated after use
    • I love how it feels when it’s on your face it’s very soothing
    • Left my skin feeling hydrated
    • It left my skin feeling so great the next day!

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