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What happens when you sleep with make up on?

So, you come home after a long day and you are tempted to fall asleep without removing your make up. However, if you realise what you are doing to your skin, you might think twice about it!

Oily skin: Fact or fiction? Top 5 oily skin myths busted!

Advanced skin care professionals often warn against these top mistakes that could be making your skin worse. Make sure you are not falling for any of these oily skin care myths!

Sheet mask skincare routine (infographic)

Annie Cho (@annchovieblog) shares her sheet mask skincare routine and tips! Check out this this infographic to get the most out of your sheet masks...

Centella, what is it and what does it do for my skin?

Centella, a hero skin care ingredient…

Centella is a herb that has been utilised to heal topical and internal wounds for centuries.

This amazing skin care ingredient is known for its Anti-Ageing benefits...

Skin care tips for winter

During the winter, harsh winds, dry air, and heaters take a toll on your skin. For every degree drop in temperature, your body produces around 10% less oil and moisture...

Repair Mask Review - Acne Prone Skin

"This mask did not break me out either which I am SO HAPPY about!!!"
Monique reviews our best selling LUIERE Repair mask!

Acne skin care: Why hydration is so important for acne-prone skin…

Most acne products focus on drying up pimples, and many of the ingredients tend to be harsh on the skin. This causes acne-prone skin to become dryer over time. This may seem beneficial in the short-term, but in the long-term it is actually doing the opposite to what your skin needs, leaving you with more problems!

Natural Skincare Review by My Dainty Derriere

"It honestly feels so fresh and plump... it feels really plump - it feels calmer! I love the fact that these are naturally based, bio-degradable and environmentally-friendly. They are probably the best face masks within the sheet mask variety that I have tried...

What happens to your skin when you are flying in a plane?

Our skin is typically comfortable when the humidity levels are between 40-70%. However, when we travel by plane, in most cases the humidity is around 20%. This is less than half of what our skin is used to...

What is Bio-Cellulose? The most advanced mask type explained!

Bio-Cellulose masks are made from extremely thin and delicate natural fibres. Aside from being 100% natural, they are also environmentally-friendly due to the fact that they are bio-degradable. In fact, Bio-Cellulose is an extraordinarily pure sheet type and 100% toxin free (unlike many sheet masks that have been bleached).

Ruby McCoach reviews the Repair mask!

Ruby McCoach reviews and does a demo our LUIERE Repair mask!

Ruby comments, "I feel like you can tell that your skin has really absorbed all the product and it is giving you that hydration from within rather than just sitting on the skin".

Top 8 mistakes when using facial sheet masks

Mistake #1: Not cleansing your face before masking

Your face may look clean but it could have a build-up of oil, dirt, bacteria and even traces of make up on your skin...

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